Teaching children to write

Teaching children to write letters and numbers

A quick reminder about the best way to teach children to read and write letters…

Names start with a capital – so you say N for Nigel and S for Sarah.

Other letters should be taught phonetically as lower case – a, b, c not A B C.

Top tips for teaching children to write

  • Children need to scribble and draw lines and curves first.
  • Children need lots of fine motor activities such as threading and messy play to strengthen their hands, wrists and arms before they are asked to hold a pencil.
  • Children also need lots of gross motor practice and we always make big letter shapes in the sky.
  • Teachers do not normally recommend using dots which children follow to write letters – however, we often have fun with following dots to make lines, zigzags and curves.
  • We will teach children to start writing letters at the top and either go round or down – ‘d’ and ‘e’ are exceptions to the rule because they start in the middle.

We start by teaching those letters that are important to the children – normally letters from their names.

We have made every child their own name label with their photo – this will help them to recognise their names and, as they get older, to write their names using the correct letter formation.

Lower case letter formation…

All schools have their own writing styles – we are happy to use them if you ask for a writing frame. Otherwise we will teach standard lower case letter formation as above.

We take it very slowly with teaching phonics, using books, songs and rhymes and games. We want to encourage a life-long love of reading and writing.

Experts advise that the best way to put children off writing is to stand over them and insist they form letters ‘properly’. We let children experiment with drawing shapes, curves and lines and we start to show them how to write letters and numbers when they are interested and ready to progress – and if that doesn’t happen while they are here, they will learn at school!

If you have any questions, please ask us! Thank you, Sarah & Nige.


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