Your child’s learning characteristics


We all have learning characteristics – learning styles – because we all learn in different ways. Some of us read … others prefer listening to an audio book … others are hands on learners and will never get much out of a book because they prefer taking things apart to see how they work!

Your child is the same – they have their own set of learning characteristics. When we have observed your child’s learning characteristics we can start to understand how they learn. When we understand how they learn we can support their future learning by using their learning characteristics in our planning.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds! We might, for example, spot your child learning through a schema (a repeated pattern of play) and we can plan some more activities that link into the ways they are currently learning. You will find more information about schemas in my document on the Childminding Forum here.

Or we might notice that your child prefers to use puppets so they have a visual representation of stories, songs and rhymes so we will make sure we include lots of visual prompts in their play.

We need your help to note your child’s learning characteristics. Please let us know what learning characteristics you spot at home so we can use them here to support your child.

Thank you! Sarah


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